Product Status

Kinja Product Status
Kinja Product Status
  • KINJA-5655 - add `paste` plugin to tinyMCE, strip styles and many attributes
  • refactor editor toolbar classes and styles in preparation for KINJA-5599
  • KINJA-5702 - focus cursor in text field in tinyMCE dialogs
  • KINJA-5563 - remove photo upload from annotations editor
  • KINJA-5548 - disable formatting buttons when editor is in HTML mode
  • KINJA-5664 - enable (CTRL, CMD/WIN)-ENTER to submit editor form
  • KINJA-5633 - tinyMCE focus and tabindex flow
  • KINJA-5635 - port onunload confirm handling when editor has content from redactor to tinyMCE
  • allow margin between paragraphs in blockquotes
  • KINJA-5638 - fix submitting post in HTML mode losing content
  • enable switching between tinyMCE and redactor editors on mobile and tablets

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